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From fostering self-confidence to promoting collaboration, our programs create happier, healthier kids and more harmonious families. Join us on a journey of awe-inspiring growth where music, dance, drama, and comedy pave the way for extraordinary results.


About Kids In The Spotlight

Can you imagine having happier, healthier kids? A more harmonious family? For over 30 years, Kids in the Spotlight (KITS) has been bringing this dream to life by offering delightful, innovative, and science-backed development experiences to children, youth, and their parents. Using the performing arts as a vehicle for awe-inspiring growth, KITS helps the shy to become self-confident, the anxious to become self-soothing, and the conflict-prone to become communicative. Above all else, KITS’ programs provide a safe space for children and youth to determine for themselves which steps they need to take forward. And when they take those steps, the results are extraordinary.

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kids in the spotlight
launch: Youth Leadership
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kids in the spotlight

In locations across Canada and internationally, children and youth of all ages experience the magic of creating their own healing and educational culture together. For 5 days at a time, KITS groups create musical productions that act as vehicles for awe-inspiring development. Register today for the next 5-day adventure!

2024 Upcoming Dates
The Haven on Gabriola Island, BC
KITS 1 July 7-12
KITS 2 July 14-19
KITS 3 July 21-26
KITS 4 July 28-Aug 2
KITS 5 Aug 4-9
KITS 6 Aug 11-16

launch: Youth Leadership

LAUNCH is a powerful mixed-age leadership development process that begins with connection, group bonding and dynamic learning. Trained youth leaders guide and support a journey to learn leadership skills that can be used in all areas of life. By acting as coaches for KITS participants, they apply their leadership training while learning about their own development as they prepare to generalize valuable leadership concepts to other settings in their lives.

2024 Upcoming Dates
The Haven on Gabriola Island, BC - June 30-July 5

families in the spotlight

Families in the Spotlight is a program for the whole family – from the littlest baby to the oldest elder and everyone in between. Families will sing, dance, learn lines, don costumes and characters, while also helping their family build stronger relationships, a better understanding of their family purpose while making wonderful memories.

2024 Upcoming Dates

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range?

We have a special approach where we work with all ages in the same group. We train older leaders to facilitate mixed age groups of children and everyone benefits. Too often nowadays children are segregated in peer groups and don’t learn enough about how to get along with children of all ages. Also, there are many developmental milestones that are best learned in a natural mixed age group.

As a parent, what is my involvement in the program?

More and more we are providing opportunities and sessions for parents. Our programs are designed to help the whole family. We have sessions for caregivers and there are wonderful opportunities throughout the program to strengthen your family relationships.

Does my child need to be interested in the performing arts to come?

We use the performing arts as a vehicle to teach social interaction skills, how to get along with family members better, how to understand more about your own development as a child and to gain confidence and overcome shyness. Sometimes children can improve their performing arts skills or get interested in the performing arts, but mostly we just have fun in a pantomime style. Our shows are comedies and no special performing skills are required.

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About All-stages
education foundation

At the All-Stages Education Foundation, we believe in nurturing the potential of every child and adolescent to become confident, compassionate, and effective leaders. As a Canadian non-profit organization, we are dedicated to providing unique and science-based youth-led leadership training for young individuals.

Using the power of the performing arts as a vehicle, we create transformative learning experiences for our youth participants. Through interactive programs, adolescents and children are prepared to participate and lead in mixed-age groups, gaining valuable skills in leadership, social understanding, and self-awareness.

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